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Dear visitor, we are currently renovating our online shop. Please be patient for a few days before the reopening. Thank you for your understanding.

How to order ?

Here you can choose from more than 2000 items of good quality and well-known manufacturers. Look around, browse through our offers!
Suess-Versand online shop is available on the internet to open around the clock and 7 days a week.

And if you want to place an order, you can: Phone service for you Monday through Friday from 12:00 bis 18:00 clock and clock on the clock Saturday 12:00 bis 14:00 clock.
If you are looking for an item that could match the range of Suess-Versand, but find it anywhere, please let us know. We are happy to try to find a solution for you.

Write to info@suess-versand.de

1. Home

You are usually on the homepage. On the left side find the search function, categories and manufacturers.


2. Categories

You can now search directly by selecting the categories and items menu or by searching for articles and products.


3. Search

The Search function we recommend, if you know about what you are looking for: name, content and other terms. To do this, simply type the keyword in the Search box and click on the button. Then you will get existing results. You can also search in the detailed, top menu bar on the left, enter and perform your search.


4. Product List

Product Lists: You get on the search and the categories and menu items are often listed several products. In these lists, you can browse and search for products that you like.


5. Article Details

If you approve an article, please click on it. Then you get into the details of this article. Here you can view the enlarged image to product display and view other information relevant to the article.


6. Shopping

You want to have the article? Just click on "Add to Cart. " You have the product but have not bought! By clicking on "Add to Cart " you have the article first stored in your virtual shopping basket ".


7. Shopping Cart

In the "basket"you can always see which items you currently have selected for purchase. You can determine the quantity of the item or remove items again.


8. Next step

Once you have loaded your cart with the desired items and want to place your order, simply click on "Continue to next step". Either at the bottom of the basket or above in the header.


9. Order

Now we start with the order as such. Here are 3 short steps that are running.


10. Item Quantity

Here you can change the order quantity, remove or control these selected products again.


11. Registration

Now you are on the "Register"page. If you are already a customer and have logged in, you do not get to the login page, but on the internal order process. If you are not a customer or have not logged in, you can now log on this page, or log. You can also Suess transmission without a customer shopping. Your ordering process is not compromised. The goods remain in the shopping cart.


12. Shipping and Payment

The next step, after clicking Next, you can select shipping and payment.


13. Conditions of Use

Place Order is the fourth step. Here you get one last time, all information regarding your order and can set one last time to make changes or cancel the order. You also get the right of withdrawal and the withdrawal effects shown on this page. Additional you have to confirm our terms and conditions.


14. Order successful!

Stuff Success! you now get an email with the order and contract information.

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